Looking for a way to make your home look new again, without going to the store and spending money on new furniture that you don’t need? You should use some old pieces of jewelry to freshen up and decorate a room. It doesn’t matter if the piece of jewelry is just too darn pretty, or if it’s sentimental, there are plenty of ways to use old jewels in new ways!

Wall Ornaments

There’s a lot of ways to decorate the walls of your house with jewelry; if you have jewels that wear, but would like to have on display, you can set up some mini wall hooks and drape some jewelry onto each hook! This is a simple, cute, and pretty wait to keep your jewelry within reach to be accessible, but also allows them to be seen!

For some that you don’t wear anymore but don’t want to get rid of, you can place them in frames. Art-filled and decorative picture frames will really draw some attention to the gems inside and lets them shine because the glass of the case magnifies the sun’s light (or any light in general, really) and makes them shine. You can do the same with pins and brooches to create one big, shiny, pretty art jewelry piece!

If there are some earrings in your possession that are missing their counterpart, you can use those all in one frame to create a pretty and unique piece of art. Try to get a colorful frame that matches most of the colors of the earrings, and align the earrings in a sort of, well, rainbow! It will draw more attention to them and will make it more fun to look at, and plus it will make a nice solid look! Check out the this DIY from Better Homes and Gardens on Jewelry art.

Decorative Accents

This style of home decor isn’t just about making your walls pretty. There are a lot of ways to dress up the other parts of your house, while giving it a very personal look!

Pins and brooches don’t just look great on walls. You can use pins and brooches to add some style and some color to the tiebacks of your curtains, for instance. Just use a piece of ribbon or something similar to that, in a matching or perfectly contrasting color and tie the brooch / pin to the window.

Earrings that are missing their counterpart can be used in several ways: Pin them to window shades or table runners to add some flare, or use earrings to decorate lamp stocks, for instance. Or, you could Hang matching earrings along the opposite sides of window sills or the shade or runner to give it some color.

Old bracelets and wristbands can be layered around the base of a candle holder, or the candle itself, if you’re okay with it getting a little waxy! You can also use them to decorate dinner / cloth napkins for a nice dinner with guests. There are some great examples over at our friends Pinterest page for RI Jewelers.

More ideas in the following video!