When it comes to making decisions on acquiring the services of an interior designer, it is always important to know the costs that are involved.  The services that are offered by designers can be billed differently depending on the agreements that you have with the designers. As a home owner, the budget for interior design includes that of the interior designer and therefore it is necessary to ensure that you know the cost. There are some things that you will need to consider when determining the cost:

The type of billing

There are three methods that are used to bill the services of a designer. This will determine the overall costs that you will incur for interior décor services. The first is free billing service. Most of the designers that offer free services are hired by manufactures to market their products. If you like the manufacturer’s products you can make use of the free designer who would be paid for by the manufacturers. The second type is the flat-fee billing method. You will pay an agreed fixed fee to the designer for the services they render. The downside of this is that the design will limit the options based in the flat-fee you are paying. The third type is hourly billing which you will pay the designer per hour of the work. This may be cheap in the long run depending on how much you are willing to pay. You can also have the service for the time you are paying.


This is usually written by the interior designer. It is a list of the details of the services they offer and the cost of the service. It also contains the timelines of delivery. It states whether the money is paid upfront or after the job is done.  The agreement is a legally binding document that is signed by both parties and can be presented in court in case anything could go wrong.

How do you Price your Interior Designer?

The services billed

When doing the pricing, it is important to know exactly what you are paying for. Most of the designers break down the costs that are involved. Some of the fees that are paid include the initial meeting with the designers, design presentation, additional meeting and shopping and the documentation of projects. This usually provides you with a broad view of what to expect. You can be able to make financial projections and adjustments. If you are billed hourly, it means that the pricing is charged per hour. This means that you will not require drawing another agreement, but can be able to calculate the additional money that will be required for you to complete the work.

Additional services

Designers can be traders of sorts. This means that apart from offering the design service some of them own studios with which they purchase products for personal or client needs. It is therefore good to enquire from the designer whether or not there is extra cost charged in those cases. Some of them usually offer some services free of charge for their clients. This will also save you the time of having purchased products as an individual.

Consultation fees

It is important to also consider the consultation fees that are charged. Designers may charge a one-time consultation fee for a fixed number of hours. The good thing is that now with technology you can be able to get consultation done virtually which saves the transportation costs for both parties. This can be done through email or texting.

Retainer fees

Some designers may request to be given some retainer fees before they start undertaking a project. This is usually a small percentage of the budget that is allocated for the work. They may also ask for a contract to ensure that they are secure and will not be stopped at any point. It also protects you as the home owner.  This may need to involve legal services from a lawyer. This can be an additional cost that you should consider.

Returns on investment

If you are doing interior design for a building that you are intending to sell, then it is important to consider the final price. The interior design services can fetch you a good price. The initial investment should be exceeded by the final price. Interior design services therefore should ensure that they are offering quality services that will ensure that the building is attractive.


Pricing the cost of the interior is dependent on many factors. Once you identify what works for you, you can be sure that their service is worth the price. When possible you can also invite the interior designers to bid and take the most attractive bid.