Design Tips for your Chiropractic, Message or Yoga Studio


Let’s Start with your new Chiropractic office:

Before we begin, let’s make sure that we understand what the word ‘chiropractic” actually means. It’s a health care type that treats and the prevents skeletal disorders, and the general health of the bones. It is generally categorized as an alternative medicine, of sorts. Clear enough? I hope!

Sadly, most officers nowadays, that want to get patients returning time and time again, look like a boring doctor’s office, somewhere they take their kids once a year or something along those lines. It doesn’t treat the business of the chiropractors very well. Well, here is how to change the argument about the terrible design of most offices!

Probably the most basic, and most important thing you need to understand is this; a chiropractic office is more than some chairs and low-quality FM music. It’s the real and physical place where the people employed in the profession and the public interact with each other. Each office shows you a little bit about it; a portal of envy between the other chiropractic offices.

The amount of guests and visitors of patients, alone, are what shows you what the office is lacking; does it need to be more creative, contemporary, new, or exciting? By looking at this you know what areas you need to improve in, giving it a new sense of professionalism and devotion to the profession.

All of this is intended to make the interior of an office look great, operate fluidly and with ease, make the work environment comfortable, and increase the chiropractic professional’s ability to educate, motivate, and serve the guest and move them along in their healthy, wellness based (and sometimes spiritual) lifestyle.


Now we’ll consider the design of your Massage/Yoga Studio:

More and more, people are envisioning and looking towards remodeling that one unused room in their home to turn it into a quiet, comfortable, and stress free haven from the outside world.

Also, having everything that your message therapist might need at hand, or nearby, means you can just walk in, sit down, and get your massage without having to go into your house and look for your stuff! Basically, keeping everything on hand means you can get your massage done faster, and it saves time and work!

One of the main things we have to consider is how to promote an environment of calmness and relaxation. If you have bright, bold, outstanding (etc) colors in the rest of your house, use different, but plain, calming colors with candles or other dim LED lights. Obviously, you’ll probably be closing your eyes during the massage anyway, but it is still important to set the mood for the room, stimulating all of your senses. Also, try to add some soothing music!




The clean, European look that is so popular, makes a great studio decor. Remember, IKEA as GREAT furnishings, ideas and options when your dealing with various spaces and types of studios.



How to Evaluate the Cost of Interior Designer Services



When it comes to making decisions on acquiring the services of an interior designer, it is always important to know the costs that are involved.  The services that are offered by designers can be billed differently depending on the agreements that you have with the designers. As a home owner, the budget for interior design includes that of the interior designer and therefore it is necessary to ensure that you know the cost. There are some things that you will need to consider when determining the cost:

The type of billing

There are three methods that are used to bill the services of a designer. This will determine the overall costs that you will incur for interior décor services. The first is free billing service. Most of the designers that offer free services are hired by manufactures to market their products. If you like the manufacturer’s products you can make use of the free designer who would be paid for by the manufacturers. The second type is the flat-fee billing method. You will pay an agreed fixed fee to the designer for the services they render. The downside of this is that the design will limit the options based in the flat-fee you are paying. The third type is hourly billing which you will pay the designer per hour of the work. This may be cheap in the long run depending on how much you are willing to pay. You can also have the service for the time you are paying.


This is usually written by the interior designer. It is a list of the details of the services they offer and the cost of the service. It also contains the timelines of delivery. It states whether the money is paid upfront or after the job is done.  The agreement is a legally binding document that is signed by both parties and can be presented in court in case anything could go wrong.

How do you Price your Interior Designer?

The services billed

When doing the pricing, it is important to know exactly what you are paying for. Most of the designers break down the costs that are involved. Some of the fees that are paid include the initial meeting with the designers, design presentation, additional meeting and shopping and the documentation of projects. This usually provides you with a broad view of what to expect. You can be able to make financial projections and adjustments. If you are billed hourly, it means that the pricing is charged per hour. This means that you will not require drawing another agreement, but can be able to calculate the additional money that will be required for you to complete the work.

Additional services

Designers can be traders of sorts. This means that apart from offering the design service some of them own studios with which they purchase products for personal or client needs. It is therefore good to enquire from the designer whether or not there is extra cost charged in those cases. Some of them usually offer some services free of charge for their clients. This will also save you the time of having purchased products as an individual.

Consultation fees

It is important to also consider the consultation fees that are charged. Designers may charge a one-time consultation fee for a fixed number of hours. The good thing is that now with technology you can be able to get consultation done virtually which saves the transportation costs for both parties. This can be done through email or texting.

Retainer fees

Some designers may request to be given some retainer fees before they start undertaking a project. This is usually a small percentage of the budget that is allocated for the work. They may also ask for a contract to ensure that they are secure and will not be stopped at any point. It also protects you as the home owner.  This may need to involve legal services from a lawyer. This can be an additional cost that you should consider.

Returns on investment

If you are doing interior design for a building that you are intending to sell, then it is important to consider the final price. The interior design services can fetch you a good price. The initial investment should be exceeded by the final price. Interior design services therefore should ensure that they are offering quality services that will ensure that the building is attractive.


Pricing the cost of the interior is dependent on many factors. Once you identify what works for you, you can be sure that their service is worth the price. When possible you can also invite the interior designers to bid and take the most attractive bid.


Jewelry Art and How it Can Transform Your Home


Looking for a way to make your home look new again, without going to the store and spending money on new furniture that you don’t need? You should use some old pieces of jewelry to freshen up and decorate a room. It doesn’t matter if the piece of jewelry is just too darn pretty, or if it’s sentimental, there are plenty of ways to use old jewels in new ways!

Wall Ornaments

There’s a lot of ways to decorate the walls of your house with jewelry; if you have jewels that wear, but would like to have on display, you can set up some mini wall hooks and drape some jewelry onto each hook! This is a simple, cute, and pretty wait to keep your jewelry within reach to be accessible, but also allows them to be seen!

For some that you don’t wear anymore but don’t want to get rid of, you can place them in frames. Art-filled and decorative picture frames will really draw some attention to the gems inside and lets them shine because the glass of the case magnifies the sun’s light (or any light in general, really) and makes them shine. You can do the same with pins and brooches to create one big, shiny, pretty art jewelry piece!

If there are some earrings in your possession that are missing their counterpart, you can use those all in one frame to create a pretty and unique piece of art. Try to get a colorful frame that matches most of the colors of the earrings, and align the earrings in a sort of, well, rainbow! It will draw more attention to them and will make it more fun to look at, and plus it will make a nice solid look! Check out the this DIY from Better Homes and Gardens on Jewelry art.

Decorative Accents

This style of home decor isn’t just about making your walls pretty. There are a lot of ways to dress up the other parts of your house, while giving it a very personal look!

Pins and brooches don’t just look great on walls. You can use pins and brooches to add some style and some color to the tiebacks of your curtains, for instance. Just use a piece of ribbon or something similar to that, in a matching or perfectly contrasting color and tie the brooch / pin to the window.

Earrings that are missing their counterpart can be used in several ways: Pin them to window shades or table runners to add some flare, or use earrings to decorate lamp stocks, for instance. Or, you could Hang matching earrings along the opposite sides of window sills or the shade or runner to give it some color.

Old bracelets and wristbands can be layered around the base of a candle holder, or the candle itself, if you’re okay with it getting a little waxy! You can also use them to decorate dinner / cloth napkins for a nice dinner with guests. There are some great examples over at our friends Pinterest page for RI Jewelers.

More ideas in the following video!




Four Key Factors to Consider when Buying Granite Countertops



Back in the day, granite countertops were only imported and used in rich upper-class homes. Nowadays, it’s something that most people look for in buying a new home. We contacted a specialist in home-building, who is a sales and manufacturing dealer in custom home building. He has working in home creating and worked with granite for many years. This is a professional’s list of what everyone needs to know about buying granite countertops.

1. Granite tops can me made by machine or by hand:

Skilled stonemasons create better by hand than tool, while big industry stone companies do most of the work by machine. It’s quicker, but doesn’t look as good. To fill in the gap left by the machines, some varnish the edges of the countertops with wax to make it shiner, but like everything, it can wear off from constant use over time. Talk to your seller if they use polishing wax, and make it so that in your buyer’s contract, it states that they do not. High quality companies that use machines make the employees/workers polish the stone, without wax, after the machine’s work is completed. Ask the seller if they polish the edges, without the use of machines.

2. Ask about seams

Only a small handful of granite manufacturers shape and cut each piece one at a time, while others combine chunks and then finish the product. The sides look a lot better when the sides of the granite countertops are assembled beforehand. Talk with your fabricator and make sure that they install the seams that hold the granite together with an automated stonemason machine. it looks better, levels the edges of the seam, and holds it in place.

3. Ask your company if they do their own installs, or through distributors

Some big warehouses do not install, distribute, or fabricate. Always hire local workers and suppliers who have their own special team that does the manual installs. Putting together is the key to success; you always want local support because most of the time they have more experience in stonemasonry than big chain companies do. So, in this case you could easily buy from a company such as Lowes, but then have your locals do the installation.

See, some out of town and second and third party/group installers/fabricators are usually unavailable if you have a problem with their install. Since local workers/fabricators are close by, they will support you much better. If you happen to live in the Rhode Island area, check out a resource like where you can choose from several local shops that do their own installations.

4. Insist on buying 3-4 CM granite countertops

3cm granite is about 60-70% stronger than standard 2cm granite. When purchasing uncut granite, buy granite from Brazil and Italy only. Most granite is mined either in Italy or South America, and you want to buy from the distributors who either own the mines or buy from the mines directly. The distributors and guarantee and vouch for their quality since they come from the most popular stone/granite mines. While it is true that they are more expensive, it’s worth it because if you don’t likes something you send it back, even without warranty.


Plates as Kitchen Wall Art


Ever wonder how you can decorate your kitchen, and gain more cabinet space in the process? There are several creative ways to functionally and beautifully set up your kitchen. Making your own plate racks have never been easier with all the DYI videos on the web. There are hundreds of options that allow you to create dish racks out of many materials. Whether you are buying a new home or remodeling an old one, there are styles and eclectic examples you can get can get ideas from!





7 Tips on How to Hire an Interior Designer


A home is a place where you should feel as comfortable as you can. This is where you withdraw to at the end of every day, here is where you stay with your family, here is where you invite your friend over for dinner and dessert and should therefore always be in tip-top condition. Decorating your home is something that is easier said than done. Sometimes you have the ideas in your mind, a picture of a perfect home. But that is not enough to get your home organized. That is where you need to hire the services of professional interior designer to do the job for you. Here is how to hire an interior designer to get the best decorating services.

  1. Get some back ground information:

When looking for an interior designer, the first thing that you need to do is get a qualified interior designer ideally through word of mouth. There are several resources that you can use starting with your immediate family members and friends. If you have visited your friends or family members, you are likely to take notice of good interior design in their houses. Be curious enough ask them if they looked for interior designer. This will ensure that you have the results before your eyes and you can already start fantasizing about the interior décor that you are to expect. You can also begin looking for interior decorator services online or in newspaper adverts. Additional advice can be found on other websites for hiring an interior designer , it’s important to collect as much information to assist you as possible.

  1. Consider the billing system they use:

This is where the money is involved. The basic billing is usually classified to hourly, flat-fee or sometimes even free. Considering the different systems, it is likely that you would like to be as cost effective as possible. However, think for a moment; most of the interior decorators that offer their services for free are usually pushing some manufacturers’ products. This is not exactly a good idea as you will have less freedom of choice. The interior designer that offers the services at a flat-fee means that you will have to go with their prices and suggestions. The last option may be quite expensive but effective. Hourly billing is usually billed per the hours worked, you can have control of the budget and also get the maximum flexibility from the interior decorator.

  1. Set up a meeting with the interior decorator

It is always important to be able to organize a meeting with the interior designers beforehand. You can also utilize and meet with other contractors, architects and designers. You will be able to set out the duties and the expectation that you have for each of them. This also ensures that all the parties involved have been brought onboard. There is also the streamlined communication between the interior designer and contractor.

pic 2

  1. Show them the house

This is very important because they will be able to understand what the room size and shapes and your personal preferences. You can also communicate your taste and some of the things that you like emphasized and improved. The environment of the house will also enable them to know the particulars, i.e., the window sizes, the floor space, the number of rooms, the stair case and the ceiling. If it is possible you may hire an interior designer when you are designing the house. This is important to avoid that correction that may need to be done later which can increase the cost of construction and all.

  1. Do your own appraising

Before hiring an interior designer, it is always good to count the costs that you are likely going to incur. Break down the costs of the designer into initial consultation fees ask the designer whether they charge for shopping for samples. They should be able to use their past experience in advising on the best solutions that have worked in the past, in terms of the durability of the materials, the ease of cleaning and how the manufacturers response to customer complaints or compliments. Ensure that the advice that they are giving are in line and tilted towards ensuring money is utilized well. They should warn on poor practices.

  1. Effective communication

In this kind of communication, the best asset that you have is precise communication. This will enable you to get the best results for your money. The designer must also have good communication as well, with the contractors to ensure the best results. They also should also be able to communicate the implication of the different construction decisions. This goes for choices for color, texture and the materials to use. One way to practice effective communication, is through various online services. Many designers communicate strictly by use of their online portfolios, blogs and email. Additionally, in order to be made visible to the public, websites need to constantly be updated. You can work with online web companies to do this. If you live in the northeast, consider contacting ri search engine optimization to help gain you exposure.

pic 1

  1. Be clear about the decision making

When there are different people involved in a project it is always important to know who is in control. It is important to know that everyone knows that they are contributing to the same project. There should be communication and consideration by each of the different contributors.



7 Reasons Why You Should Consider the Services of an Interior Designer


Interior designers are professionals that are specialized in decorating the inside of homes. This is not always limited to homes but is also extended to office space and other construction. Interior design accentuates the ambience of the design of the house. Immediate when the house is finished, interior designer service should be sought to ensure that the space is well utilized and made beautiful. That is why currently it important to seek the services of interior designers. The following reason will explain why:

  1. Saving money

This may sound paradoxical but hiring an interior designer is always important as it allows you to make wise decisions. When you are involved in trial and error in decorating you may end up making unnecessary expenditure on things you don’t need. The services of an interior designer come with experience and the correct materials you need to buy. You also be able to get a general estimation of the costs of interior design. It is good to also know that you will be paying to get ideas and also be able to effectively implement your own ideas. If you are in real estate, the services of an interior designer will put your property on the A-List.


  1. Professional advices and evaluation

The interior designers are individuals that have experience in designing. This makes them endowed with what works and what does not work. They can also make decisions and deliver on ideas better. They possess practical approaches in designing and will assist you in putting together an effective course of action when designing. Interior designer have wisdom how to best spend the money that you have allocated for interior design. They also have insight into some of the aspects that may not be seen by untrained professionals.

  1. Making budget decisions

When you want to estimate the cost of interior designer you may need their input. This is because these individuals have done such projects before and will be able to identify the best way of using the budget. They also have connection to retailers and can get you the best bargains for interior design decor and materials. This will ensure that you save your time and use it on other more pressing matters. The time that could have been spent endlessly comparing prices and brands can be spent on other projects. In other words you are outsourcing research to individuals that know exactly where to look.

  1. Acts as bridges to other construction professionals

The ultimate beauty of the room is not determined by the interior designer alone but also by their predecessors; the architect and constructor. The decorator is able to inform their decision and enable you to have the best design finishing.

This is by ensuring that the process of decoration is streamlined from the beginning. While their work varies, designers usually have the ultimate outlook in mind. They consider the direction of lighting and the ultimate arrangement of furniture. They are able to properly identify what you may not be able to see at the moment. They are a good bridge that will deliver the ultimate results.

  1. The have experience and connections

There are perks that are only available to interior designers. They have connections that are made over the years. They have access to certain suppliers and places that are not accessible to the general public. Some of the designers also offer custom made solutions that have been tried and tested in the market. These are reasons that make them a good resources. The designer will also know where you can get the best bargains for the materials. Some of them enjoy discounts for some materials and may in the long run lower the cost more than previously anticipated.

  1. They have contacts to other contractors and designers

Interior design involves a lot of contact for different supplies and materials. There are carpets, curtains, seats and other materials that are needed for interior designs. This means that you have to spend time gathering these materials together and looking for the best bargains. This is where the services of the interior designer solve the problems. This will save you a lot of time. You will not need to get into the hastle of looking for all so many varieties of merchandise. They usually have contacts from plumbers, contractors and electricians and other home improvements experts. If you are a contractor, architect, or home designer interested in gaining more influence in your area and networking with others in the business, click here

  1. Real estate consideration

Real estate is one of the biggest industries in the world. One of the factors that largely contributes to high sales prices is the quality of decor. Getting the services of an interior designer is therefore essential in getting competitive pricing for your house. Many buyers make their final decision based on the interior design of the house. If you are not currently an interior designer, but have an interest in pursuing this industry, you may be curious to find out some current occupational statistics, such as earnings and demographics for your geographic location.